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  • Episode 0: Declaration of the ZWO
  • Episode 1: Door of the Immortals
  • Episode 2: Empire of Corpses
  • Episode 3: The Golden Land
  • Episode 4: The Legendary Samurai Horseman
  • Episode 5: Twilight of the Golden Land
  • Episode 6: The Legendary Yokozuna
  • Episode 7: The Sad Tale of the Exchange Student
  • Episode 8: Tech Industries Fights Back
  • Episode 9: Zombie World War
  • Episode 10: The YZK Disruption
  • Episode 11: The Prisoner of the Office (Part 1)
  • Episode 12: The Prisoner of the Office (Part 2)NEW!!


Episode 0: Declaration of the ZWO

Written by Homare W.Baker

It all began with one man who unintentionally stood on the pinnacle of the world: President Francis Marshall. Looking back now, there was already something about him that resembled a leader of the Immortals. With a preternatural business skill that predated his political career, Marshall had established an unshakable presence in the financial sector, leading to success in a diverse range of business ventures. He amassed an awesome fortune that became legendary among the media. With his dualistic notion of “not fearing to create enemies, but doing business for the sake of his own victory,” he exhaustively used the media for his exposure, rising up from a mere fringe candidate to claim the apex of the world: the office of president. Indeed, he was unspeakably wealthy. However even after attaining office, all that occupied his mind was the pursuit of even greater wealth. Meanwhile, silently but steadily, the threat of chaos was looming over the world.

Famine, refugees, class struggles, nuclear arms, racial and religious conflict, pollution, disease... None of these were of the slightest concern to President Marshall. During his 4 years in office, as Marshall’s wealth accumulated, so too did his sins deepen. But some believe in karmic retribution. That good deeds are rewarded, and villainy punished...

Entrance to Tech Industries The first harbinger was during his first year in office. In a village where for years, water pollution from industrial development had driven away the marine life, one day a monstrous fish was hooked. It was very similar to an oarfish, but the bizarre shape owing to its enormous tailfin and pointed beak like that of a needlefish led tabloids to label it the “arrowfish.” Had it ended there, this would have amounted to little more than some vague gossip story tinged with science fiction, but the appearance of the arrowfish was accompanied by the outbreak of an unknown illness in the fishing village. One of the fishermen who landed the fish exhibited symptoms of a cold that grew steadily worse, until it claimed his life. The disease was reminiscent of the new strain of the flu thought to have emerged in Mexico several years ago. But this was not the problem to President Marshall. The issue to him was that the company developing there was his own energy resource development firm, Tech Industries. Before the situation could escalate, he “took care of” the fishing village.

Forgotten Diver He used his excessive wealth to ensure that the poor fishermen of the village would keep their mouths shut, and at the same time hurried to identify the cause. He loaded Tech Industries’ own deep-sea exploration sub with a seasoned diver, and sent it down to depths of 100,000 meters. Although the diver was sacrificed, the incident led to a startling discovery.

It appeared to be a hole. The wide-open hole, there among the massive pressure of the ocean depths, had a bizarre presence in the deep sea devoid of all light. Mysteriously, the hole, with a diameter of perhaps 50 cm, gave off a rainbow sheen as if it were a giant soap bubble. How could it reflect light in the pitch-black ocean? Even to Marshall, the staunch realist who abhorred mystery, the hole was somehow incredibly alluring. The main focus of Tech Industries, supposed energy development company, turned to investigation of the hole. Despite pouring massive funds and personnel into the project, and making numerous sacrifices, all who neared the hole were bewitched by it. From the name of the fish, the investigation was codenamed the “Arrow Project.”

Gate to the Immortal World After two years of this large-scale, highly confidential research, the nature of the hole was finally exposed. It was indeed a hole, but on the other side of its rainbow glow waited another world. The arrowfish truly was an oarfish. President Marshall had already become entranced by this new world.
In the other world, all people would become undying, solving every conceivable problem. Marshall believed that his own world was the fictional one, and that the other world, the world of the Immortals, was the rightful domain of the future human race. Or, perhaps he was made to believe so...

Zombie World Order Behind the president’s political battle for reelection, the Arrow Project was also secretly entering its second phase. It planned to use missiles to expand the hole, bringing about the new “reality” that Marshall desired. Then, with all the technology and might of his great nation, he would seize this reality for his own. The fictitious world would draw to an end, for the sake of attaining a new order... One day, standing upon the stage of a political convention, Marshall made a proud declaration: “The world we knew was an illusion. Today, we face reality! This is the new order of the zombie world.” From that day forward, the world had inverted.

Butterfly Effect Didn’t someone once say that the fluttering of a butterfly could cause a distant hurricane? Now one could not help but agree. The declaration of President Marshall, leader of a mighty nation, traveled into the ocean depths of the fishing village, and found its way to a tiny, far-off island nation where it would have an incredible effect.

  • Episode0-ZWOの発令
  • Episode01-イモータルの扉
  • Episode02-屍者達の帝国
  • Episode03-黄金の国
  • Episode04-伝説の騎馬侍
  • Episode05-黄金の国の黄昏
  • Episode06-伝説の横綱力士
  • Episode07-とある留学生の憂鬱
  • Episode08-テックインダストリの反撃
  • Episode09-ゾンビ世界大戦
  • Episode10-YZK問題の弊害
  • Episode11-オフィスに囚われた男 前編
  • Episode12-オフィスに囚われた男 後編NEW!!







Entrance to Tech Industries 初めにその兆候が表れたのは、任期1年目の夏。とある漁村での出来事だった。開発工事に端を発した水質汚染によって、何年も前から不漁が続くその村で、ある日怪魚が釣り上げられた。リュウグウノツカイによく似た、しかしあまりにも巨大な尾鰭と、ダツのように尖った嘴を持つ不気味な姿は、当時ゴシップ誌が“アローフィッシュ”と呼称し、大いにネタにしたものである。それだけならばSF紛いの、とるに足らないゴシップで終わるハズであった。しかしアローフィッシュの出現を機に、その漁村では原因不明の病が発生。アローフィッシュを釣り上げた漁師の一人が、風邪に似た症状から徐々に衰弱し、死に至ったというのである。それは、数年前にメキシコで発生したとみられる新型インフルエンザを彷彿とさせた。だがマーシャルにとっての問題は、そこにあったのでもなかった。当時開発工事を行っていたのは、マーシャルが経営するエネルギー資源開発会社“テックインダストリ”だった。事が大きくなる前に、彼は漁村に“手を回した”。

Forgotten Diver 有り余る資金によって貧しい村民すべての口を封じたマーシャルは、同時並行で原因の特定を急いだ。テックインダストリが擁する深海探査船は屈強なダイバーを乗せ、1万メートルを潜行。ダイバーの犠牲と共に、ある驚くべき発見をする。


Gate to the Immortal World 2年間に及ぶ大規模かつ極秘裏に進められた調査の末、“穴”の正体は判明する。“穴”は文字通り“穴”であった。光彩の向こう側には、もう一つの世界が存在していたのである。あのアローフィッシュは、まさにリュウグウノツカイだったのだ。その頃には、もはやマーシャルは“もう一つの世界”の虜であった。そこでは誰もが不死となり、あらゆる問題が解決される。マーシャルにとっては、現状の世界こそが虚構であり、もう一つの世界…イモータルの世界こそ、本来人類が到達すべき現実であるように思われた。…いや、思わされたというべきか。

Zombie World Order 大統領2期目を賭けた選挙戦の裏で、密かに進められたアロー計画の第二段階。それはミサイルによって“穴”を拡大し、マーシャルが求める“現実”を到来させる計画。そして超大国が誇る全技術力、全戦力をもって、“現実”を手に入れるための計画。“虚構”は終わりを告げ、新たなる秩序をこの手に――。 そしてある日の党大会演説の壇上にて、マーシャルは高らかに宣言した。 「これまで我々が知っていた世界は虚構でした。今、我々は本当の世界を迎えます!それこそがゾンビ世界秩序です。」

Butterfly Effect それはかつて誰かが言った、蝶の羽ばたきが遥か彼方で竜巻を起こすか?との問いかけに、大きく頷くべき現象であった。超大国の中心でマーシャルが唱えた宣言は、例の漁村の深海を経て、遥か遠く離れた小さな島国にさえ、多大な影響を及ぼしたのである。